Our Vineyards

Nature has gifted us the earth and the vine whereas God has given man thinking and talent.

The first thought is to seek and seeking means creating what nature promises.

The thought belonging to the man in love with the earth on which he was born has turned the earth and the vine in the Franciacorta beauty.

This is what men from Franciacorta have taken care of: they have made a world out of their earth, the Franciacorta world.

The family-owned vineyards, occupying approximately 6 hectares, are located in the Franciacorta district, between the Mount Alto and the Mount Orfano, whose geographical position and microclimatic exposure are perfect for the wine production to which they are devoted. Furthermore, they are managed and cared for personally in order to obtain grapes, and consequently, above-average wine with particular and distinctive features.

Who We Are

Corporate Philosophy